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About Başkent University, Department of Psychology

Başkent Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü Hakkında

The demand for the findings of psychology, "the science of human behavior", is increasing as the importance of "human" is recognized in the world's health, economy, industry, technology, politics, traffic, environment and many other problems. In the twenty-first century, this demand is expected to increase even more rapidly. This situation emerging all over the world is also valid for our country. However, in Turkey, the number of psychology departments in the Faculty of Literature and Faculty of Arts and Science is insufficient in terms of meeting this demand. Başkent University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology, which was established in 2008 with the goal of contributing to this demand, aims to be an "exemplary" psychology department accredited at international level and to take part in the solutions of those problems in our country.

The statement above is exactly taken from our foundation documents in 2008. In those years, the number of psychology departments was quite inadequate and far from satisfying the demand. Over the course of the past 10 years, however, the number of psychology departments has increased uncontrollably based on its popularity. This increase was accompanied by a serious problem: Quality. For this reason, Başkent University Department of Psychology not only contributed to the improvement of the quality of psychology education in Turkey, but it was also accredited by the Turkish Psychological Association in 2016.

The mission of Başkent University Department of Psychology is to create required academic, scientific and social environment for the psychologists’ training for basic psychology knowledge and skills. In line with this mission, the Başkent University Department of Psychology also aims to create an environment for its graduates and faculty members to continue their dedicated professional practice, academic work and scientific research, where their standards are constantly being elevated. In order to contribute to their graduates being among the "best" in this area, Başkent University Department of Psychology aims to give the following knowledge, skills and attitudes to the students during their education.


ψ Having information and a precise approach toward the general structure of the science of psychology
ψ Having necessary knowledge and skills about areas related to psychology
ψ Having knowledge and skill for the usage of library and other information sources effectively
ψ Having knowledge and skill for the usage of research tools (testing, scale, inventory, etc.)
ψ To be able to design and conduct research, and understand and interpret research findings
ψ Having knowledge and skill about qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods
ψ To be able to write reports according to accepted international writing rules
ψ Having an advanced statistical knowledge, a positive attitude towards statistics and to be able to use the necessary statistical package programs
ψ Transferring domain-specific knowledge to a previously unfamiliar social environment, problem or situations
ψ To be able to approach psychological and social phenomenon with a critical point of view
ψ To be able to transfer thoughts both verbally and in written form effectively
ψ To be able to intervene society using scientific and professional knowledge
ψ Having critical and creative thinking skill
ψ To be able to use Turkish in a good and correct way
ψ Having high personal awareness and self-regulation skills
ψ To be sensitive towards occupational ethical principles
ψ To know limitations and strengths of knowledge, skill, and personality
ψ To have a commitment to the department, psychology science, and the field of study
ψ Taking the process of "change in the direction of continuous development" as a guide for the rest of life.

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- Our department is one of the accredited programs. As a result of the examinations carried out by the "Psychology Programs Accreditation Department" of the Turkish Psychological Association authorized by the Council of Higher Education, Başkent University Faculty of Science and Letters Department of Psychology has been accredited since December 9th, 2016.

- Our department is a member of EuroPLAT (European Academic Network). Established to support psychology education, EuroPLAT aims to enrich the process of psychology education and the process of benefiting from this education.

Be Aware and
Be Different

This statement, which we have chosen to introduce Başkent University Department of Psychology, is not to be striking, but to reflect the preparations made during the establishment of this department, the labour worked on it, the vision created, and the most basic characteristics we hope to acquire for the students who graduate from our department. With our employees, students, and graduates, we aim to have all the features of a self-actualization system, and we are doing our part to develop on this path.