Department of Psychology, ECTS Information Package

ECTS Information Package of Department of Psychology
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Established in the 2008 - 2009 academic year, the Department of Psychology offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to a B.A. degree. The academic staff consists of 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 5 assistant professors, 1 instructor, 2 research assistants, and 1 specialists. [link]. The main purpose of Department of Psychology is to provide students with an academic / scientific climate in which they are able to acquire the necessary knowledge on psychology, learn to think critically, build the necessary skills to plan and conduct scientific research, be able to apply their professional knowledge in accordance with ethical standards, be conscious of their responsibilities towards themselves and their community, and turn into individuals with high levels of self-esteem, self-awareness and effective communication skills. For a full version of ECTS Information package please click here.

A student is required to successfully complete the designated list of courses and meet the requirement of a minimum of 240 ECTS credits. The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00 and no F1, F2 or Z grades. In addition to these the student must take one compulsory elective course offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. Please find below the 4 year undergraduate program of Department of Psychology (numbers in parantheses indicate ECTS credits). You can check courses-key learning outcomes matrix here.

1.Year Fall Semester
Science Education A

The purpose of the first year is to give general science formation to undergraduate students. In addition they will enroll in courses such as introductory psychology and research methods to make students be prepared for field courses.

ENG143 Academic English I (5)
TURK101 Turkish (2)
PSK101 Introduction to Psychology I (5)
PSK105 Critical Thinking (5)
PSK107 Philosophy of Science (5)
PSK111 Basic Mathematics (5)
PSK193 Supportive Psychology Studies I (3)

1.Year Spring
Science Education B

ENG144 Academic English II (5)
TURK102 Turkish II (2)
PSK102 Introduction to Psychology II (5)
PSK104 Social Anthropology (5)
PSK106 General Biology (5)
PSK112 Quantitative Research Methods I (5)
PSK194 Supportive Psychology Studies II (3)

2. Year Fall Semester
Psychology Education IA

The purpose of the second year is to give general psychology formation to undergraduate students. Therefore they will enroll in courses focusing on the sub-fields of psychology and quantitative methods.

ENG243 Academic and Vocational English I (5)
ATA201 Ataturk's Principles and History of TR I (2)
PSK211 Statistics I: Descriptive Statistics (4)
PSK213 Quantitative Research Methods II (4)
PSK225 Experimental Psychology I: Learning and Memory (4)
PSK231 Social Psychology I (4)
PSK241 Developmental Psychology I (4)
PSK293 Supplementary Psychology Studies I (3)

2. Year Spring Semester
Psychology Education IB

ENG243 Academic and Vocational English II (5)
ATA202 Ataturk's Principles and History of TR II (2)
PSK212 Statistics II: Exploratory Statistics (4)
PSK226 Experimental Psychology II: Sensation and Perception (4)
PSK224 Physiological Foundations of Behavior (4)
PSK232 Social Psychology II (4)
PSK242 Developmental Psychology II (4)
PSK294 Supplementary Psychology Studies II (3)

3. Year Fall Semester
Psychology Education IIA

The purpose of the third year is to give general psychology formation to undergraduate students. The third year is concentrated on the sub-fields of psychology.

ENG300 Developing English Language Skills (5)
PSK301 History of Psychology I (4)
PSK311 Experimental Design (5)
PSK315 Psychological Testing and Measurement (4)
PSK323 Cognitive Processes I: Brain & Behavior (4)
PSK351 Personality Theories (5)
PSK393 Creative Psychology Studies I (3)

3. Year Spring Semester
Psychology Education IB

ENG350 Translation (5)
PSK302 History of Psychology II (4)
PSK304 Ethical Standard (4)
PSK324 Cognitive Processes II: Mind & Behavior (4)
PSK352 Psychopathology (5)
PSK362 Industrila/Organizational Psychology (4)
PSK394 Creative Psychology Studies II (3)

4. Year Fall Semester
Specialization A

The purpose of the fourth year is to enable students select elective courses for specialization. They will be allowed to take courses from at least 3 different sub-fields of psychology.

ENG460 Presentiation Skills (4)
PSK493 Complementary Psychology Studies I (3)

PSK481 Psychotherapy Approaches (4)
PSKXXX Elective I (4)
PSKXXX Elective II (4)
PSKXXX Elective III (4)
PSKXXX Elective IV (4)
PSKXXX Elective V (4)

4. Year Spring Semester
Specialization B

SENG450 Advanced Academic Writing Skills (4)
PSK494 Complementary Psychology Studies II (3)

PSK482 Interview Techniques (4)
PSKXXX Elective VI (4)
PSKXXX Elective VII (4)
PSKXXX Elective VIII (4)
PSKXXX Elective IX (4)
PSKXXX Elective X (4)